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IYK inspires people to live in the moment by bridging immersive digital and physical experiences.

Our products verify IRL ownership and attendance, empowering you to create new experiences.

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ITERATION-01 is the first Networked Product™ launch from 9dcc. The tee includes an NFC chip powered by IYK allowing it to be scanned by any mobile phone in order to claim the companion NFT. The NFT signifies ownership and authenticity. In addition, the chip enables historical provenance and embedded utility through web3 applications.

Index Coop x BanklessDAO $GMI Hoodies

A hoodie to commemorate the launch of the $GMI index. Each hoodie is permanently linked to an NFT that can be claimed by physical possessors in perpetuity, as well as a one-time claim of a $GMI token.


Fans claimed free attendance NFTs using Powered by IYK* Discs on VÉRITÉ's Fall 2021 Tour. The NFT allowed fans to comment on a gallery and win signed photos, while VÉRITÉ collected emails, ETH addresses, and personal messages.

NFT.NYC 2021 Scavenger Hunt

NFT NYC attendees redeemed NFTs through discovery of IRL puzzle pieces made using Powered by IYK* Discs. Each NFT was an in-game jigsaw piece and solving the puzzle allowed you to redeem multiple prizes.

8it NFT.NYC 2022 Scavenger Hunt

8it and IYK worked together with over 50 restaurants around the city to create a food hunt using Powered by IYK* Discs. Foodies claimed EdibleNFTs at each location, and won prizes based on their spot in the overall leaderboard.

We give you the tools to launch next-level activations and identify your biggest supporters.

  • Tokenized Apparel
  • Authenticated Guestbooks
  • IRL Minting
  • Targeted Rewards

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