This is the key to access the next era of VÉRITÉ.

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The VÉRITÉ Crewneck
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AUGUST 2022, Brooklyn, ny

This sweatshirt will act as your key to what’s coming next. I want you to see and hear my new record first. Take a peek behind the curtain and have a more in depth experience with the world I’ve been building for you.

D Verite

Gain premier access to the next era of VÉRITÉ

Sold Out
What does this look like?

Tap your phone to your garment’s wrist, and get premiere access to my next record, and other exclusive experiences. This is more than fabric.

Tap to Teleport

The embedded NFC chip emits non-shareable links that unlock dynamic content and an entirely new distribution channel directly to your biggest fans.

Gamify merch ownership

Create games, raffles, polls, and more to incentivize merch ownership and amplify genuine fan engagement.

Drive value with premiere content

Early look at new music, visuals, demo tapes and more—deliver exclusive content straight to those who care the most.

Create the key to your ecosystem

The NFT is a digital proxy for ownership. Launch exclusive shopify SKUs, token-gated experiences, and more with the tools you already use.

Authenticate your garment

Tap to claim your ownership NFT. If you ever sell your VÉRITÉ Crewneck, the new owner can pull it from you, into their wallet.


Get your key to the next era

Sold Out